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Wemmick Entrusted With A Precious Gift From God

Updated: Mar 6, 2020

Kwong Wai Cheng

Cover of the book "You Are Special" by Max Lucado

I was reading “You Are Special” by Max Lucado to my children at bedtime. Indeed, this well-known Christian author and his books need no introduction. For the thousandth time, I was moved when I finished the story. But this time, when I looked at my older girl, I was surprised to see that she was a bit teary too! Bless her sweet, sensitive soul!

She couldn't quite find the words to explain why she cried, but I can relate (and I believe everyone who read the book can too) to that deeply moving gratitude, that warm fuzzy feeling of hope that comes with knowing how much our Creator loves us, that we (despite all our dots) are special in His eyes.

But this incident has also given me some new insights:

Some things are better left unsaid

My girl couldn't say why or what made her cry. Was she ever given “dots” (felt put down) like Punchinello and sympathised with his discouragements? Did she see the immensity of God's love, and felt a connection when Eli, the craftsman, said, “you are special because I made you...And I don't make mistakes”?

If I were a more eager mom who wanted to drive home a lesson, I could have kept pressing her for an answer, but I’m so glad I didn't. For me, it was enough to see that sweet face and know that she has understood the story. The “why” can wait. I just wanted to enjoy the moment, as I gave her a hug. Some things are better left unsaid, because our meagre words will take away the magic and power of the moment.

If God thinks it is good, who are we to think different?

While my older girl was teary, my younger one was totally unaffected, and continued being her usual cheeky self. How different they are! And I love it… well, not at that moment, but on hindsight.

I confess I wished then that Meimei would respond to the story like Jiejie did, so that we could all share in that moment together. If only Meimei were just like Jiejie, then my life would be so much easier. Wait a minute! Stop! Have I just given Meimei a “dot” unconsciously? How quickly have I become a self-righteous Wemmick to judge her like that?!

Now that I reflect back, I thank God I didn’t press Meimei to respond like Jiejie did too (also because I didn’t know how to do it). Phew! I can't, and should never force Meimei to be what I would like her to be. Because like what Eli, the maker, said, what I think doesn’t matter. All that matters is what God thinks, and God thinks Meimei is pretty special too, because she is also God’s child and made by God! Amen! And I need to make my actions reflective of what God thinks.

Those who know me will know I have many struggles when it comes to my younger one, but I think this experience has really helped me see her in a better way – to embrace her, not just out of duty as a mother, but as a Wemmick entrusted with a precious gift from God. I don't think I've mastered this profound art of being a parent (every day is a learning experience for me), but I thank Hope Worldwide Singapore for the Good Enough Parenting series, that has helped me to be more aware of the way I interact with my children, and understand the importance of connection and acceptance.

Kwong Wai Cheng

Wai Cheng is fascinated with words, especially the Word. Her life has always been revolving around words/Word, in one way or another. And she hopes to always hold fast to the Word, to draw strength and gain wisdom, to do the right things in God's sight.

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