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Trust Fall

Daniel Tan

“You will keep in perfect peace those whose minds are steadfast, because they trust in you.” (Isaiah 26:3)

The Hebraic word for 'steadfast' (samak, ְָס ַמך ) has the essence of leaning on, or to support oneself upon something or someone. Isaiah here is singing about how God treats those who trust in His provision. The idea here is those whose minds (lit: purposes) lean on God will be given perfect peace. Peace here is one of the most common Hebraic words 'shalom' (ָשׁלוֹם ) and supersedes the English definition of peace.

It carries with it not only the idea of a lack of turmoil, strife and conflict but also completion, joy and prosperity. Those who trust God, in other words, are rewarded plentifully by God Himself. Yahweh Tsuri (the Lord is my Rock) as Isaiah claims in the next verse is the idea of an immovable object that stands in the way of the enemy and shields us as the ultimate bastion. The promise here is that those who trust in the Lord will be kept (lit: guarded) in peace.

Today, what keeps us from trusting in God and leaning on him for support? Is it our desire to control things around us? Is it our stubbornness to want to rely on our own strength? Is it our fear of the unknown? Is it our unwillingness to trust? Is it our lack of faith in His providence and power? None of those are particularly valid excuses in the presence of an entity that created the heavens and earth.

We might bring along into the present the hurts and schemas of the past. In fact, the church has a whole thing about schema therapy and the problems that exist with maladaptive schemas. However, these are not set in stone; they are sustained by our insistence that they define us, as are many things with regards to the human psyche. God is just waiting on us to do the universal equivalent of a trust fall, a team-building exercise in which a person deliberately allows himself to fall, trusting the members of a group to catch him.

All we need to do is let go and trust. God will catch us. He's not so weak that He cannot support our weight and the weight of our burdens. He is not so unloving that He will allow us to fall despite His strength.

We often comment on how some people 'only have one job' which they tend to then mess up. Our one job now is just to trust and let go. Are you going to do it?

Daniel Tan

Daniel is currently and forevermore will be a student and a learner, trying to delve into the deep conundrums of life and seeing where the path leads. He enjoys linking different things in life back to God through strange and seemingly random connections.

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