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Submission & Rest

Daniel Tan

If you have ever done yoga before, you know that two of the most relaxing poses in a session are Child's Pose and Shavasana (Corpse Pose). Child's Pose is your go-to in case you are struggling in a move, while Shavasana is usually used to end off the session by allowing you to feel the effects of the stretching, feel the movement of your body and simply relax.

So isn't it curious that these two poses are the ones we find ourselves most comfortable in – Child's Pose, which demonstrates a humble submission to a greater power (whether a parental figure or that really difficult pose that you just can't get into), and Shavasana, which is a position of rest to round off and complete the session?

I think there's greater meaning in this other than the fact that these poses are thusly named. Innately cultural elements have to evolve from some form of societal inheritance and we inherited this sense of rest and submission as a pose that we can retreat to.

Of course I'm not saying that we are meant to be dominated, or that we are to laze around. But concepts like resting and submission are something that we as Christians often need to think about. A well-known verse is Proverbs 3:5-6, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will make your paths straight.”

Philippians 2:3-8 encourages us to have the same mindset as Jesus: not to lift ourselves up, but to be humble and be a servant, to submit in love.

In this world, we often want to vie for our own benefits. ‘I’ is more important than ‘we’. This is a survival instinct, but it's not one that is useful. Humans are meant to preserve the whole rather than the self. Yes, selfish people do survive, but it takes a community of altruism for humanity to continue and thrive.

Now, with the Wuhan virus at the helm, it reveals the inner darkness of people's hearts. Racism and prejudice fill the air and perhaps even our hearts. I know that I can be judgmental when people endanger others for their own convenience, but a bit of it is also because they are endangering me as well.

Let's not let fear, worry and the darkness of the world cloud our nature to love, and to be submissive to God’s Word. Let's stop trying to get everything we can and learn how to be content. We need to be able to know how to rest and how to be humble. Arrogance and pride in a world that centers itself on production and capitalism is the downfall of all these.

As Christians, we need to be better, especially in times like these. We are made to be in humble submission to God's power and to guide others towards it so that they can be at rest. I've seen how people try to fill some void in their lives with anything from idols to money to romance. It satiates them, but for how long? They're running on a treadmill that's only getting faster.

If we can learn how to rest, learn how to submit and learn how to be okay with enough, our hearts can be at peace far easier than the rest of the world. So... how are we applying ourselves today?

Daniel Tan

Daniel is currently and forevermore will be a student and a learner, trying to delve into the deep conundrums of life and seeing where the path leads. He enjoys linking different things in life back to God through strange and seemingly random connections.

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