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Spiritual Choices When Facing Pressure & Fear (Part 2)

Ng Wee Keong

Moses led the Israelites through the desert of Sinai

1. Moses balanced between being still and moving on

If you have two million people screaming at you, the easiest choice is to give in: “If this is what YOU want, FINE!"

But Moses refused to give in to the demands of the people. Instead, he protected his own relationship with God by reminding the people to BE STILL. In other words, he didn't rush into action. Think about it, whenever we rushed into action or reacted too quickly to a situation, how often did that end well? Probably not a lot. More often, we end up saying or doing things we regret later on.

When we rush into things, we are most often trying to NUMB some kind of discomfort. We may be trying to get over our own anxiety, fear, anger, shame and hurt ego quickly.

When Jesus was tempted in the desert, Satan used three types of voices to entice Jesus into giving in: (1) feed your appetite because you deserve it, (2) prove your self-worth and (3) get affirmation and validation from people around you.

When I rush, I often fall for one or all of these tempting voices of my human weakness. Jesus was so hungry, but he didn’t rush into turning stones to bread. He is the Son of God and he could have the world grovelling at his feet, but he didn’t rush and give in.

No student is above the teacher and I think Jesus provided us a roadmap: to be still and remain close to God in our thoughts, feelings and actions. How are we doing with our ‘routines’ and ‘rhythms’ with God?

Do we have a daily, weekly, monthly and or yearly routine with God? Do we have a personal Sabbath every week? There is a reason why God instituted so many festivals in the Old Testament for His people to observe: they needed a rhythm in life!

When we don’t draw healthy boundaries we end up giving in to everyone and everything! If we are in a good place emotionally and spiritually, we will actually be in a BETTER place to give! We cannot give when we are empty and dry.

2. Moses also balanced being still with being able to move when called by God

Some of us keep moving and are not still. Some of us stay still and never seem to move. Moses clearly obeyed the voice of God when he was told to move.

What has God moved your heart to do lately? Perhaps He is calling us to love a specific person in our lives more? Maybe we should share how God is shaping our lives with one of our family members? That was how I brought my youngest brother Wee Chung to Jesus. I was moved and inspired after a campus leaders' meeting. I went home and sat him down to share my life and convictions. God worked it out that he was at a low point in his life. He responded and came to church two Sundays later. The rest was history.

On the flip side, do some of us relish “doing” things, especially in the name of serving the community? For the avoidance of doubt, I am all for serving people and the needy. But when we don’t safeguard our daily, weekly or monthly routines (time with God, quiet reflection, journaling, date with God, etc.) then “doing” overtakes our lives and “being” is relegated to a footnote in our schedule. I always like to say, we are HUMAN BEINGS, not HUMAN DOINGS.

We are wired to BE WITH GOD and learn to BE COMFORTABLE with who we are in God and what lot He has given us. When our hearts aren’t quiet but instead troubled, tired or tempted, we won’t do our souls any good by replacing BE STILL with lots of activities!

In conclusion:

  • List down some pressures or fearful situations you are facing now

  • Find scriptures that you can meditate on and memorise; try to see God’s larger and deeper plan

  • Block off times in your calendar and create good rhythm and routines; fiercely protect your time to read, reflect and talk to God

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Ng Wee Keong

After serving in the full time ministry for 25 years, Wee Keong stepped out on faith to seek outside employment and continue his adventure with God. He is now doing mediation work and considers his salvation, his wife and sons and his spiritual experiences the greatest gains in his life.

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