I Know About Christ, But Do I Know Christ?

Jesus365 is a collection of articles written by disciples who seek to know Jesus Christ and draw closer to him. Contributed by Christians from different walks of life, the articles consist of insights and reflections from our personal journeys with Jesus. We share our lives with the goal of helping each other grow an intimate relationship with him.

We strive to impact more than we impart, and the articles are thus more application-based than academic. We do of course enjoy digging deep into the Bible and sharing the research we’ve learned, but we focus on stirring reflections, inspiring change, and building convictions.

We hope these writings can help you in your walk with Jesus too.

About the Team

Students, working professionals, entrepreneurs, old disciples, new converts; we are a varied group with a common cause… to inspire each other by sharing what we’ve learned from the Bible.

Our diversity and how it influences our writings mean there is very likely to be something that applies to you, especially as our collection of articles grow over time. We welcome ideas on topics of interest we can build up, and would love to receive articles from you too. Please contact us here if you’ve got an article to share.

Joining a Church

The contributing writers are members and friends of the Central Christian Church, a non-denominational church in Singapore that strives to know God and make God known. It is a loving community that has helped us immensely in our relationship with God and applying the Bible to our daily lives. We believe the Church can help you in your walk with God too.

The articles in Jesus365 consist of insights that the respective writers have learned from their personal Bible studies and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Central Christian Church. Click here to contact the Church, or better still, drop by for a visit. We’re sure you will enjoy it!